We love the medium we work in. Can’t get enough of great TV shows, Vimeo, Music Videos, watching incredible work from all around the world on our little Black Mirrors. So, when we read Australian writer, Richard Flanagan, recently in The Guardian, it was with great pleasure that he so eloquently reminded us of the power of the novel, truth and freedom…..and we dragged ourselves away from all that was pixelating before us.

Why is it in every work of genius we recognise our own rejected thoughts? asked Emerson. Perhaps the answer is that we each contain an aspect of genius, but we are too ashamed, too embarrassed, too uncertain to give it tongue in our public life. But reading allows us to recognise our common humanity.
….story as fiction offers the possibility of transcendence and liberation, the recognition of the many things each of us are.”

If  you’re square-eyed and wanting to slip away into another world, in need of a word-fix of transcendental proportion, try Flanagan’s second novel, The Sound Of One Hand Clapping . Sublime.

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