Be The Change You Seek
Branded Content

Mickie Betz is an engineer working for Atlassian, out of their Austin office. She’s also a woman breaking down stereotypes and raising awareness around unconscious bias in a male dominated industry – paving the way.

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Creatures Of The Workplace
Internal Comms

Workplace behaviours become entrenched, making them difficult to change. We crafted a campaign from script to screen with the PwC team, using humour as a way of showing and not telling.


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Time Machine
Brand Video

Working closely with the marketing team at Nearmap, we conceived and produced this explainer, showing how personality and humour can capture the heart of a brand, while also showing how they solve their clients problems with state of the art tech.

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Trip Advisor


Filming around the world for TRIP ADVISOR, was a dream job for MiniSumo.  We were amazed by the passionate people we met along the way. All driven by a determination for visitors to get the most out of what their region had to offer. The video was created to inspire more tour operators into the TAE family.

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Women Who Dare
Branded Content

To invigorate and celebrate woman role models on International Women’s Day – based on their research undertaken – Atlassian and the AFLW asked us to create a piece that went to the heart of  how important it is for woman to be able to see themselves and be inspired by other woman role models.

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Sizzle Reel
Investor Video

San Francisco based Getaround, is at the centre of the global car sharing economy. The company tapped us to help them create a sizzle reel to open their investor events. The video needed to inform, entertain and create a palpable sense of energy and optimism – in under 2mins. Minisumo wrote and produced the video, collaborating directly with Founder and CEO, Sam Zaid.

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How long does your ink last with the entire family using the one printer? Directed by David Barker, for Precinct, the idea has the one actor playing all the family members for comic effect….and memorable results.


Long Lunch

Working closely with the Momentum agency, the team designed a well considered cine approach to this social media campaign across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Sharp camera movements and the sharp pain of heartburn.

Carlton United Breweries

Branded Content

Beer culture everywhere is a little different. Just like the glasses used to drink beer from. CUB and agency BMF asked us to create a mini-docco that showed how industrial designer, Nick Roseby, created a Univessel that took best elements from shapes and sizes of beer vessels from around the globe.

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Member Story
Customer Story

WeWork are well known for co-sharing spaces for start-ups. When they approached us to tell the success story of an enterprise company, we crafted a before and after, revealing how a business of their size can thrive in the heart of Sydney. A customer story that tapped into the delights and surprises the LJ Hooker team experiences in their wonderful new home.

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From The Inside Out
Careers Video

Dovetail wanted a video that wasn’t the usual corporate talk. They wanted something different, authentic, ‘of themselves’. We suggested filming their upcoming Values Day, where employees were instrumental in defining the meaningful values that help guide the company, from the inside out. Incorporating their brand aesthetic, we created animations to give it a lively sense of their playful, youthful brand. And then we offset beautifully photographed interviews with an energetic juxtaposition of the days events.

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Clarity Management

Explainer Video

Animation is an effective and cost-efficient story-telling medium. With Clarity Management helping the hospitality industry in so many different ways, it was the ideal way for us to tell their story and illustrate how their unique business model works.

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Advancing Humanity
Customer Story

Shot in three countries, the Advancing Humanity project is an insight into how ATLASSIAN’S clients are using technology to reshape the world. From life-altering COCHLEAR ear implants, invented and produced right here in Sydney, too HUMANOID ROBOTS being developed in Pensacola, Florida. Focusing on how the advancement in digital applications is actually benefit humanity, and how each of these organisations develop software that will have a positive effect on people’s lives.

Forever New


Fashion on socials. Working direct with the agency, Minisumo post-produces Forever New’s latest editions into stunning material designs. Short. Sharp. Eye-catching.

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The GPT Group

Melbourne Central Tower
Commercial Real Estate

The GPT Group wanted to show how stylish Melbourne Central Tower really is. While an older building in the CBD, it still has a contemporary feel today, full of buzz and energy.  And it’s redefining workstyle.


The Canva Story
Customer Story

Tech has radically changed how companies research. Dovetail is a Sydney based company leading that charge around the globe. Just have a listen to the folk at Canva who are full of praise for the new ways, and say good riddance to the old.

Bondi Icebergs

Winter Opening
Event Video

Winter swimming is hardcore. Every year swimming club, Bondi Icebergs, opens up with the ritual of icing up the pool and collectively sharing the chills.

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Design Week
Event Video

Atlassian brings together their designers from all over the world once a year to inspire, celebrate and connect with each other. The theme in 2019 was Trust. Minisumo was asked to create a video that captured the event in all its meaning and spirit. We spoke with folk, took portraits and asked them to express what they thought of the intricacies of trust in teams.

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Nearmap Careers

The Culture
Careers Video

Working for one of Australia’s leading tech companies has it perks, but what we wanted to tap into in this video is the heart and passion that Nearmappers have for the great work that they achieve.

Tony Albert

House Of Discard
Artist Video

Tony Albert’s art is infused with traditional aboriginal culture and the ways that it has been appropriated and re-contextualised through white society in Australia. A heritage that is looking to find a place, now, while reflecting upon who he is and how his understanding of what it means to be a native within a land that is full of  contradictions and  skewed perspectives.

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